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Soelberg is the leading manufacturer of 3D wall panels, acoustic panels, decorative wood paneling and wall tiles for high impact design. Life in 3D.

The Solution: SOELBERG

We know surfaces from vertical to horizontal and everything in between. Soelberg understands the foundation of functional surfaces made from high end materials and offers a variety of statement-making options to choose from. All Soelberg products are proudly made in the USA. We love texture and the tactile experience that texture creates. Whether use for walls, ceilings, desk fronts or components or whatever direction your creative vision takes you, no surface is complete without a memorable connection. And since, texture is tied to our sensory memory, your space needs Soelberg.

Add Function to Flattery

It gets better. You can design with the texture you have come to love made from sound absorbing 100% Polyester PET core material. Spaces need sound control and combined the visual impact of memorable surface. Soelberg provides the total solution.